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I am Sharron Brigham, a Reflexology Practitioner servicing Collingwood and surrounding areas. I am a graduate of the Canadian Reflexology School, am a member of the International Council. I keep documentation as

mandated by the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario (RRCO).

Sharron Brigham, RT, RRP

Certified Reflexology Practitioner

Serving the Collingwood and surrounding Southern Georgian Bay Area

Reflexology... an ancient Egyptian tradition in a new age of awareness of mind and body for a positive homeostasis. 

Feet are the maps of our body, internal organs and reflexes. It all ends in our feet and hands and starts with our brain. Reflexology is the physical act of applying pressure to the feet with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques on the reflexes in our feet that represents the internal organs in our body.  Reflexology is based on zone theory and those zones run through the body from the top of the toes to the brain, from the tip of the fingers to the brain. The body is all connected as one, in a system that can not do with out balance, tranquility, a time to be.

Reflexology works because it is safe, effective, natural, and not invasive.

Reflexology assists in reducing stress in this busy world, reduces tension in a world of challenges. Reflexology enhances well being and encourages the body to heal faster.

Reflexology is for every one what ever occupation, age or current state of health. Reflexology has something to offer you.

Reflexology is for all stages of life, meeting specific health needs, from those with disabilities, older people and their health status, to those suffering with serious illness, and mental illness. Reflexology relieves stress and releases tension, decreases anxiety and improves sleep patterns.

Reflexology is a wonderful complementary therapy to those who are post operative care, patient support and palliative care therapy.

Reflexology helps with Dementia, Parkinsons, MS and Other Illnesses

About the Crowe name

I have been asked numerous times about the reasoning behind the name. Crowe is our family name, of British decent. While pondering over possible choices for a name for my business, I was looking out my window, at the blue sky and lush trees. A crow mythically flew into view, and perched on the tree closest to my window. At this point, it came to me that the wisdom and spiritual nature of this bird, my family name, and some of the spiritual aspects behind Reflexology could complete a circle of meaning and depth in forming a name for my practice!

A crow has a photographic memory - he never forgets. He is a great protector of his family and others around him that he cares about. He makes his nest high in the trees, the closest link to the heavens and the earth..

Crowe Reflexology can offer you peace, escape from stresses, and healing. Make the comfort of our office your escape, and your home away from home.

Visit our comfortable, relaxed, client oriented

private practice, located at 27 Third Street in

Collingwood (beside Stone Tree Naturopathic)